Cakephone LLC - About Us

Cakephone LLC was started in early 2012 by Liz McGinley with one goal in mind: to create the premier online destination for celebrating birthdays and special occasions.

Liz manages the day-to-day activities of the business by operating its three websites (,, and one iPhone app (Cakephone).  It was Liz's husband, Tom's unique entrepreneurial experience from college that sparked the creation and formation of Cakephone.  

Liz and Tom both attended Loyola University Maryland.  While there, Tom started a successful mail order delivery service called Campus Cakes Inc. from his dorm room.  The pre-internet enterprise quickly grew beyond Loyola's campus and into neighboring colleges.  It was a win/win situation.  Parents were thrilled to have access to such a service, the local Baltimore bakeries Tom used to fullfill his cake orders were ecstatic to begin receiving order from parents all over the country, and Tom was happy to see his business succeed.  

When Tom left Loyola and Baltimore to pursue a career in Finance, he left the business to his sister Amy and eventual sister-in-law, Cathy (both of whom also attended Loyola).  

Tom and Liz eventually found their way to New York.  Once there, Liz pursued a successful career in advertising while Tom continued his career in Finance.  Eventually, as the .com industry sprang to life, Tom introduced himself to a local bakery and told them he would put together a website through which they could sell their cakes, provided they could ship the cakes.  The New York bakery had the same initial reaction as the Baltimore bakery—disbelief in the opportunity to get orders beyond the local neighborhood.  They took a chance and entered into business with Tom and quickly began receiving orders from all corners of the country.  The Wall Street Journal recognized Tom's site as being #1 among several they reviewed.  

Now Tom and Liz reside in Garden City, NY.  Cakephone LLC is not geared toward helping one specific bakery, but instead it is focused on helping thousands of bakeries and other birthday-related businesses market their products and services to a new and exciting group of customers via their three websites and iPhone app: - Geared toward a tech-savvy generation of birthday shoppers. - Focused primarily on parents of college students. - Connecting office workers across the country with local bakeries, florists, and balloon shops.


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